As much as I try to explain ADHD to the people who surround me in life, a lot of individuals still seem to think that it’s still just an attention disorder. They don’t understand that it is much more than that. They especially don’t understand that my emotional problems are caused by this.

Don’t get me wrong: ADHD is not a mood disorder. People with ADHD do not have a problem with emotions; they just have a problem with inhibiting and regulating emotion. Because people with ADHD are generally impulsive, they also tend to be emotionally impulsive, which means that their emotions are rawer than people without ADHD. While regular people can self-soothe and can make their emotions more socially acceptable, we cannot.

So what does that mean? More specifically, what does that mean for a person with ADHD? Ever had someone tell you that your temper is too short, that you have a low frustration tolerance? That you get too excited over small things? That you show your emotions too easily? Do you have road rage? Is it fairly impossible for you to stand in a long line and wait? Have you had a slew of unsuccessful relationships? Those things stem from ADHD. Not many people know this, because the DSM-IV got rid of the emotional symptoms of ADHD,

I think that this aspect is one that most affects my life. Controlling my emotions is something that I struggled with for years and, even with my Adderall, still do. Road rage, temper problems, impatience, everything. Which is so much fun. I can’t even begin to count how many people I’ve pushed away because I can’t control my emotions. How many people I’ve cussed at, how many fights I’ve gotten in to, because I can’t stop to realize that whatever is about to come out of my mouth is not an intelligent thing to say.

It’s an everyday struggle, and I don’t think people realize that.